I Haven’t Started My New Year’s Resolution!

The first week of January has come and gone and many are moving along with their New Year’s Resolutions and Goals. That is, if you’ve started…

Making the decision to start new endeavors or break old habits isn’t easy. It’s beginning the process that many find difficult to do especially if this is your first attempt to make the new year the time you make changes in your personal or professional life.

If you are one of the individuals who have not started and you’re feeling you’ve failed before you even got out of the starting blocks, STOP! You’re not a failure. Setting New Year’s Resolutions and Goals to kick off your new year is great because it’s a great way to mark time and measure your growth. There’s no cardinal sin in starting the second week of January.  The decision to take action and make changes in your life that produce positive outcomes is a plus and the first step to improving your quality of life and the first sign that you have already changed your old way of thinking by acknowledging the need to for change or improvement. So let’s figure out “where do I begin?”

Here’s some tips on how to get “unstuck” and begin seeing the change you desire to see if you find yourself setting goals you can’t seem to reach.

  1. Set realistic goals. If you work part time, are in extra curricular activities, enrolled in school part time and your goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree, setting a deadline of 3 years is setting yourself up for failure. Audit how your time is spent within a 24 hour period and plan how and when you’ll have the time to commit to your goal. Until this goal is met, stick to your plan.
  1. Be truthful about your abilities. If you’re impatient don’t set long-term goals. You’re setting yourself up for failure. If you must set a long term goal, make the steps to reaching it a “micro goal” with a short term deadline of 30 days or less. Micro goals are satisfying and effective. They keep you motivated as well as giving you a sense of accomplishment needed to work toward the larger goal.
  1. Tell someone. Accountability works. You must also give this person permission to call you to the carpet when you are off course. Thinking about what you want to do is just a thought or desire. Once you say it to someone and share the action steps you’ll take to reach the outcomes desired it has now become an actual goal.

I wish you much success in pursuing your resolutions and goals. If you are need of a certified lifestyle coach who is trained and provides resources to assist you in setting attainable goals feel free to call my office at 630-296-4630. Initial consultations are free.


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