Are You Your Toughest Critic?

I learned that I am my toughest critic. For those who know me, you know I was on 10 last semester concerning my classes. I’m tough on myself because I am at a constant state of self-awareness. I know my potential and I expect to excel in what I know I should excel in. However, I took a class with an instructor who gave no feedback, dialogue or resources that were deemed valuable or useful for the online course I was enrolled in and I felt I was totally lost and possibly failing the class until I read an email from my school I received congratulating me for achieving academic honors for the past semester.

It feels good to work for something you believe in so much and you excel beyond that you ever expected. I was a high school teen mom with dreams of going to college, pledging a sorority and having the whole college experience. I thought my pursuit of a degree eluded me when I became pregnant. But God…

When you know your purpose and you plan properly to pursue it, NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE! It will only be a matter of years before you can call me Dr Michele Santiago.

Always remember YOUR why. Gladiator mom, signing off!

“BLACK STARBUCKS” of CHICAGO! Black Owned and Delicious!

I love a great cup of coffee. Can’t wait to visit when I’m in the city.

The Hungry Black Man

outside-sip-and-svor Outside of Sip and Savor @ 5301 S. Hyde Park (Del Prado Building)

As soon as we landed, we needed to get warmed up, and what better place to do that than in a cozy coffee house with delicious hot chocolate, coffee, lattés, and expressos. Sip and Savor is a true hidden gem with unrivaled customer service.  Black people are no stranger to coffee given that the plant itself is AFRICAN!

Coffee originated in Ethiopia, where its popularity was widened by Europeans who became familiar with it during the 11th Century.  The plant itself is quite beautiful with a white blossom that smells like jasmine and a red, cherry-like fruit. Many Europeans felt the plant was a “magical fruit,” which they boiled in water resulting in a concoction that was thought to have medicinal properties.  In certain cases, many of us still feel coffee is magical – transforming us from…

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