Check Your Alignment 

You’re driving your car and it’s veering to the left. You straighten it out, release the wheel and it veers to the left again. It’s out of alignment. 

Like my car, I always get tell tale signs when I‘m not in alignment with my purpose and goals I’ve set for myself.

By nature I am Type B personality, easy going and free spirited but when I’m out of alignment I become irritable and experience actual stressed induced physical pain. My efforts are also more labor intensive and met with more resistance. 

In the midst of being “busy” sometimes the signs of being misaligned are not obvious. This is when having a set plan with benchmarks, deadlines and expected outcomes becomes a valuable tool. 

Whether it’s our vehicle, body or business relationships and|or  environment if it’s not in alignment, it won’t run smoothly or be pain free. 

The great thing about misalignments is that whatever is out of balance, can be corrected. Like you would your vehicle, take yourself off the road for repair. Pull out your tools (your plan) and run a diagnostic on where you are and how you got there. 

Bring yourself back into alignment by correcting every area that has been an obstacle, distraction or barrier to you reaching your destination and causing you to veer out of your lane. This could be work environments, people steps in your plan that are not producing the outcomes desired. 

Failure to realign will cause you to constantly be off centered and could be very costly long term. 

Control, Alt and Delete Your Life. 

The new year brings opportunities to create new goals. No matter how crazy, hectic or chaotic things may be, you can always change YOUR narrative. Here’s a suggestion for rebooting your life.

1. Take control of your circumstances by stopping long enough to assess where you, are what’s happening and who’s involved. This also requires taking ownership of your life and the outcomes of your choices.

2. Identify alternate ways to reach the desired outcomes/direction you seek to reach

3. Delete everything and everyone that presents itself as an obstacle or distraction

The goal is to be consistent and seek support from individuals who share the same goals and or desire to accomplish goals. If you don’t have peers that share the same lifestyle of personal development as you, it may be time to seek new acquaintances.